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Period Law

Account Manager/Strategist

The Problem:

21 states in the U.S. still apply sales tax to menstrual products putting menstruators everywhere at a disadvantage. People who don't menstruate lack a basic understanding of the problems this can create due to their inexperience with the issue. 


Show non-menstruators that the necessity of period products goes beyond managing flow.

My Role:

I headed up this project as the account manager and strategist. I conducted research including a survey that got almost 100 responses, 2 interviews, and countless secondary research. I helped organize team meetings and wrote up a timeline to keep our team on track. I presented the research and campaign at BYU's Global Women Studies Capstone Conference in December 2023.

Creative Concepts

Art Director: Madeline Ramsey

Art Director: Vivian Spencer

Copywriter: Kate Salisbury

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