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Hey there!!

My name is Alli and I'm an account manager from Arizona currently living in Utah. I'm an oldest daughter that has a thing for checklists and just generally likes to have fun! 

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Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar Strawberries and Cream is my favorite beverage. It's delicious AND it comes in a pink can?!?! Win win!!


I play five instruments (piano, violin, viola, ukulele, and guitar)! My goal is to learn 10 before I die.


I love to lift weights and have been doing CrossFit since I was 12. Not to brag or anything, but I ranked 113,715th in the world in my CrossFit division last year.


The New York Times Games app brings me more joy than it should...most days. I'm always happy to vent about the Connections clues with you. (Seriously who writes those??) 

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